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Letter to Veterans
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Open Letter To All Veterans

Dear Veterans,

On behalf of a grateful nation as well as the Graves County American Legion, we would like to thank you for the service you rendered to protect our country and provide for the liberties and freedoms we are able to enjoy every day.  Were it not for the sacrifice of you and countless other brave Americans, our country would not be the shining city upon a hill that it has been throughout our history.  It is on behalf of you and the millions of comrades in arms that share with you a common thread of service to country that you are receiving this letter.

For decades, the American Legion had dedicated itself to the affairs of veterans making the transition from military to civilian life.  Whether it be providing a forum to address concerns regarding health care and politics, or simply providing families of Americas hero’s with the humble dignity of a military funeral, the Legion has been there and continues to carry on in its mission.  

As a part of this mission, the Legion has long provided Mayfield/Graves County with a meeting place for its veterans, The American Legion Building.  From its beginnings to the present, the American Legion Building has been a center of culture in Graves County.  Providing services for both military and civilians alike, the Legion Building in and of itself is an historical landmark that is a treasure to this community.  Unfortunately, the years have not been kind and the result has been the deterioration of this magnificent structure.  This is where you can make a difference. 

With your support, the American Legion Restoration Committee plans to restore the building to its original splendor, creating a world class facility for the community that can be utilized by local schools to support our education system, community groups for various activities, and most importantly, for the members of the American Legion to preserve their legacy and forever insure that the sacrifices of Graves County’s brave veterans are never forgotten.  We urge you to contribute whatever you deem appropriate in helping us realize this dream and know that through your efforts we will succeed. 

Thank you, and may God Bless the United States of America. 


The American Legion Restoration Committee